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Why everybody needs PERSONAL BRANDING photographs {Camilla Myrrha Photography - Utah Valley Personal Branding & Headshot Photographer}

Provo, Utah - October 18, 2017

Do you need personal branding photos done?

Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

-Do you have a career in which you depend on people knowing who you are and what you do?

-Do you own a business?

-Do you have a LinkedIn profile?

-Do you have your own website (portfolio, blog, biz, etc)?

-Do you have a hobby or passion you wish to share with the world?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then you need personal branding photos done. But what the heck is  personal branding photography?

Personal Branding photography is a broader approach to headshot photography (which is still a thing!). With a simple headshot people are able to recognize who you are by your beautiful, confident face and it is essential for anyone who takes their job seriously. But headshots are just that: a professional photograph of their...head. Personal branding allows for you to expand your vision of how exactly you want to portray yourself professionally.

This type of photography allows for both the photographer and the client to be creative in telling a story about who that client is and does without the  constraints of a simple headshot. It is all about personal marketing.

Take this personal branding session of Nephi, for example. He is a web designer who also has a light and upbeat personality. He sings and plays in a band, so for his own website, he wanted to portray himself as that youthful soul that is confident in his own skin and in his passions and pursuits. (Notice we didn't necessarily include a computer or a musical instrument, we went for the overall feel without overdoing with props). While we did these in my natural light studio, we could have easily done these lifestyle, too.

If you are interested in having a personal branding photo session, feel free to contact me and we will work together to get the images you dream in having of yourself.

Stay Beautiful,


Nephi - Personal Branding

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