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How to Flatter a Client (Try Blogging) - Monica & Tamara- Two Sisters in the Natural Light Studio {Camilla Myrrha Photography - Utah Valley Headshot Photographer}

Provo, Utah - October 17, 2017

My obsession with portrait and wedding photography began when I found myself browsing through inumerous photographers' blogs, back in 2010. Then in 2011, when my wedding photographer told me she "would definitely post [our] engagement session on [her] blog" I was utterly FLATTERED. That I, a normal person, with normal looks and borrowed clothes (for the session, of course), was deemed "worthy" enough to be showcased in a popular photographer's blog...THAT was client satisfaction.

Years came and went and I thought blogs were dead. But it turns out, they can be quite a treat to look at and browse through. Plus, as a client, I thought it was the most honorable thing be featured in my photographer's blog, so here I am: getting this thing together and running.

As a portrait photographer, I've shot many things--from weddings and families, to food and product. But while I can shoot any of those things, my passion lies in making "normal people" feel amazing. I am now specialized in headshots and photography for women, and my posing and lighting techniques (both with studio and natural light) are two of my tricks for making ANYONE love themselves through photographs. 

So if I've bored you with words and you've read up until here, you now deserve some eye candy. Here is a recent headshot session I had at my natural light photography studio. Monica and Tamara are two sisters that also work together. They needed new headshots (both group and individual shots). I shot these in about an hour and also recorded the session LIVE on my Youtube channel, Foto Dicas, where I teach photography in Portuguese to my fellow Brazilians. 

These ladies were so fun to work with, because their "sister-chemistry" is simply amazing. Not to mention I've known them for ages, so it was a very casual session with great results. Check it out!

Stay Beautiful,


Monica & Tamara: Two Sisters in the Natural Light Studio {Camilla Myrrha Photography - Utah Valley Headshot Photographer}

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