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The Folio Box

Provo, Utah - October 24, 2017

Many photographers offer myriads of products that come in all shapes and forms. But the truth is, a photograph taken is meant to be cherished and preserved for generations. In this digital age, we fool ourselves into thinking all we need are digital image files, but when was the last time you opened the  pictures folder on your computer with the purpose of looking through photographs?

With the Folio Box, you have a way of beautifully displaying them with little effort but by setting it on your coffee table. It invites anyone who sees it to pick it up and experience the joy of holding precious tangible portraits. 

Another thing I LOVE about the Folio Box is, obviously, the prints inside. They are all matted in museum-grade, acid-free matting frames, which helps preserve the photograph and preventing any corrosion throughout the years. Plus, the fact that they are matted allows you to easily put them in a frame and hang them up in a wall, or to display your favorite on a simple picture stand. 

I offer Folio Boxes in beautiful black linen and in the 11x14in size. The prints are all 7x10in in 11x14in mattes. I find this size a nice compromise between too little for hanging and too large for handling.

Whichever way you choose to display your Folio Box, make sure you always remember how you first felt when looking at yourself in those beautiful photographs.

Stay Beautiful,


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